How to buy AR37

All you need to do is specify a cultivar with AR37 endophyte when ordering your pasture seed from your local seed retailer.

Asset AR37


Asset is the first diploid Italian ryegrass available with AR37 endophyte. AR37 provides Asset improved persistence by providing improved insect protection.

Animal Health and Performance

Asset AR37 can cause ryegrass staggers. Staggers on Asset AR37 can be as severe as those on wild type endophyte. In situations where ryegrass staggers are severe, animal performance on Asset AR37 may be reduced.

Sowing rates

  • Asset AR37 20 - 25 kg/ha
  • Undersowing 12 - 15 kg/ha 

Lush AR37


Lush is the first tetraploid Italian ryegrass available with AR37 endophyte and it will meet your demands with more yield, more persistence and better quality.

Animal Health and Performance

Less aftermath heading means Lush with AR37 provides stock with exceptional quality summer feed. It should be noted that Lush tetraploid Italian ryegrass with AR37 my cause ryegrass staggers. Lush AR37 is perfect for undersowing into dairy pastures and intensive sheep or beef systems or as part of a pasture mix. For undersowing Lush AR37 should be sown in a minimum of 14 kg/ha using Superstrike® treated seed or in a pasture mix of 4 – 7 kg/ha.